Check Control Valve

Check control valves are used to allow fluid through the valve in only one direction. Once the liquid or gas enters the valve, it may only exit at the other end.

The Automatic Control Check Valve is a unique Check Valve. It is recommended where pump flow control is essential to prevent pressure surges during pump start-up and shut-down. The valve (disc) is electrically controlled to permit remote operation from automatic pump stations. The valve functions as a shut-off valve, slowly opening after the pump starts and slowly closing when stopping the pump flow. Should loss of electrical power occur, the valve will automatically shut-off without any auxiliary power supply.

Check Rite Valves continue to be the premier wafer combination swing check valve. Designed in 1970, their performance remains unsurpassed. The line offers a wide
range of valves and accessories, all fully stocked and readily available. Their successful, long term use in applications worldwide has made the Check Rite the industry standard for economy, durability and reliability.


  • Full flow globe style body
  • Disc contained in the body (disc does not enter pipeline)
  • Resilient seat & drop tight shut off
  • Seat replaceable without taking the
    complete valve Out of the line
  • Positive disc stop prevents over travel
  • Electric motor operated for remote control
  • Built in hydraulic system
  • Fail-safe closure on power outage
  • Manual override
  • Adjustable open & close time
  • Best for surge control
  • Sizes 6" through 48"