Flow Meters

Flow meters are used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas.


Badger Meter is a leading manufacturer and marketer of flow measurement and control products, serving water utilities, municipalities and industrial customers worldwide. Measuring a variety of liquids, from potable water to oil and lubricants, to industrial processes, their products are known for their high degree of accuracy, long-lasting durability, and their ability to provide valuable and timely measurement information.

An international leader in flow measurement technology, Badger Meter has been the metering supplier of choice for utilities and municipalities since 1905.  Today we offer a complete line of integrated metering systems and instrumentation to help communities of all sizes generate revenue, while monitoring their precious resources.  The respected Badger product family includes flow meters for every application as well as state of the art automatic meter reading systems using the latest radio frequency, network and satellite technologies.

Badger Meter’s industrial products are used to measure and control the flow of gas and liquids in a variety of applications including: petroleum, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, industrial gases, automotive fluids process water, water/waste water treatment, bio-tech, irrigation and concrete production. The products produced for the industrial markets include precision control valves, chemical dispensing systems, batch controllers and selected liquid flow meter products including positive displacement meters, impeller meters, turbine meters, oscillating piston meters, oval gear oil lubrication meters and electromagnetic meters. Badger also supplies various batch controllers and accessories to compliment the flow meter line including mechanical and electronic registers and transmitters.

Badger Manufactures:

  • Positive Displacement Meters
  • Mag Meters