While travelling to perform service work in a small town in rural Alberta, one of our staff demonstrated what it means to be a Summit Employee.

Keith Kierulf, one of our Municipal Technicians, planned to stay the night at a nearby Motel. While checking in, the motel owner, mentioned there had been a flood in the mechanical room and no one was able to provide service until after the long weekend. Keith mentioned that he was neither a plumber nor a boiler technician, but would be happy to take a look to see if he could identify the source of the rising waters.

He quickly identified that problem was due to a faulty valve (not ours!). The pressure relief valve on one of the boilers was leaking and slowly filling the room with water, which was starting to encroach on the gas fired water heater.
Wanting to prevent all visitors (himself included!) from a cold shower in the morning, Keith sprang into action. He drove to a neighboring town and purchased a domestic sump pump with the necessary appurtenances. Returning to the Motel, Keith was able to pump out the mechanical room, saving a lot of potential grief and money for the motel owner.

Doing this because it simply felt like the right thing to do, he did not charge the owner for his services or the equipment required.

This exemplary action truly shows, At Summit, We Care. Whether it’s a colleague, a customer, or an individual along the way, we will always go that extra step to show we care.

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