Slurry Control Valve Technical Series

Introducing the Slurry Control Valve Technical Series


Summit Valve and Controls’ Oil Sands Specialists have gathered information on improving slurry control valve performance and service life, and they are excited to share it with you.


What to expect: Every 2 weeks you will receive an email with a technical solution for a specific slurry application in the Oil Sands Mining Industry. 

Topics include:
• Flotation Cell Control Valves
• High Pressure Drop Recycle Water Control Valve
• Underflow Control Valves (Including IPS Underflow)
• And More!

Our team is excited to share our knowledge of valves, automation, and instrumentation with you. Sign up today for our first ever Technical Email Series to learn about innovative control valve solutions. 

The Right People, The Right Products, The Right Solutions.



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