Starting with Relay Alarm Systems (annunciators), Ronan made the obvious technological progression by manufacturing the first solid-state integrated circuit type annunciator on the market, assuring virtually unlimited system life. In keeping with rapidly changing electronic component development, Ronan was first to introduce a stand-alone microprocessor controlled annunciator, enhancing reliability, mechanical packaging density, and ease of operation.

Ronan’s Display Division remains a strong leader in the annunciator and process monitoring markets. Ronan’s Measurements Division was formed to address a growing market need for difficult process measurements using nuclear technology in industrial plants worldwide. This division is a world leader in the design and manufacture of systems that utilize low-levels of isotopes to provide a range of liquid and solids measurements in a wide variety of processes, and has introduced several technological innovations, which have transformed the market.

Range of Products:

Annunciators, lamp boxes, fault recorders, protocol converters, sequence of events recorders, graphic displays, indicators, intrinsic safety barriers, calibrators, leak detection equipment, density measurement and radiometric process systems.

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