Aeration of liquids is achieved by passing air though the liquid by means of the Venturi tube, aeration turbines, or compressed air.


Tideflex Technologies

Summit Availability: BC, AB, SK, MB


Tideflex Technologies has developed a number of systems designed to provide enhanced mixing and oxygen transfer through gas diffusion technology. The two major categories for gas diffusion are:

high efficiency oxygen transferring fine bubble; and
high mixing energy coarse bubble.
For anoxic mixing requirements the use of hydraulic recirculation systems utilizing high velocity discharge nozzles are most effective. Tideflex Technologies provides systems utilizing each of these methods on their own as well as systems where these methods are combined to achieve the best aspects of each method type. This progressive approach to mixing technology allows for each application to be optimized for performance.

The Tideflex backflow prevention technology has been incorporated into all the individual products which means that a Tideflex System will have the highest performance with the lowest operational maintenance requirements.

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