Our company was founded on technical specialization in the water and wastewater field

Wastewater Treatment is Serious Business

Wastewater is the water supply of a community after it has been soiled by use. It may contain human and household wastes, industrial wastes as well as groundwater and, in many cases, stormwater runoff. Before it can be safely returned to the environment, the wastewater must be treated. The treatment process can range from relatively simple to very complex. The specific process used for treatment will vary with the source and volume of wastewater to be treated.

Wastewater Operator Training & Assistance

Summit Valve recognizes that well trained staff to operate wastewater treatment facilities is a critical component in its efforts to protect our communities waters and improve the environment in which we live. It also recognizes that without a continuing supply of well trained professionals, the maximum benefit from the public and private investments in treatment facilities will not be achieved. In recognition of this need, Summit has maintained a comprehensive training course on the use and maintenance of all the valves and supplies we sell and service for this purpose.

Summit’s expertise in the Water & Wastewater Industry

Water & wastewater treatment is serious business, and Summit is up to the task. Our company was founded on technical specialization in this field. Summit is proud to represent a wide range of manufactures that carry a diverse line of products that meet any application.


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