Custom Engineered Orifice Plates

RocketPlates are manufactured in Canada by Special Alloy Fabricators (SAF). They feature high performance materials for extreme resistance to erosion and corrosion.

When installed with control valves in high ΔP applications, RocketPlates share the required pressure drop, provide back pressure to the valve, and minimize or eliminate noise and cavitation. RocketPlates are also designed for standalone service, providing fixed pressure reduction and flow restriction.

Each RocketPlate is specifically engineered with a customized design. The orifice can be concentric, eccentric or segmented, and the size/geometry of the opening is based on process data and customer requirements. Multi-orifice designs may also be used as flow conditioners to minimize the required length of straight pipe before a flow meter, or similar instrument.


RocketPlates industries:

  • Hard rock, potash and coal mining
  • Oil sands mining
  • Smelting and processing
  • Water/waste water treatment
  • Power generation
  • Pulp and paper

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