Applications in the Canadian Mining & Oil Sands Industry

Technology in the oil sands sector is growing at a fast pace. The need for these solutions is essential for the safety of our workers, the smooth operation of a plant, and the impact on our environment. Summit is committed to helping customers increase production, reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and improve the reliability and safety of valve equipment.

Let Summit help you reach new heights

To take your company to the next level, please call Summit to arrange for an on site consultation with a valve/automation specialist. We would be glad to investigate your needs and develop a plan to increase your uptime and reliability, reduce your costs and take your performance to new heights.

Summit services:

  • Investigate challenging applications to make technical recommendations for performance improvement
  • “Best practices” technical training programs for engineering and maintenance staff
  • Develop engineering specifications for client needs
  • Project management services
  • On site technical support and commissioning services

Summit’s expertise in the Mining & Oil Sands Sector

Summit places a huge emphasis on durability and service life on all of our products as well as interaction with all of our customers. We firmly stand behind everything we sell and are determined to make it right the first time.

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