Specializing in slurry, tailings, and dewatering valves, Slurry Tuff products are designed for many rigorous applications. Suited to operate in abrasive, corrosive and high pressure applications the Slurry Tuff range of valves are installed in service severe environments in over 37 countries around the world – including Australia, England, USA, Canada, Africa, Chile, Egypt, and Peru.

Through innovative design and engineering, excellence in manufacturing, and outstanding customer service, Slurry Tuff valves will excel in some of the toughest environments imaginable.

Today Slurry Tuff valves are globally recognized as providing the highest level of quality and reliability, the lowest cost of ownership and the greatest return on investment.



    • Air Release / Vacuum Break Valve
    • Designed for exhausting or venting air in pipelines
    • High Wear Ball Check Valve
    • Designed for high wear applications such as slurry, ash disposal and mine-dewatering
    • Dual Function Ball Check Insolation Valve
    • Designed for high wear applications such as slurry, ash disposal and mine dewatering.
    • Low Wear Ball Check Valve
    • Designed for low abrasion applications including pulp and paper, waterlines, mineral process plant water, etc.
    • Slurry Gate Valve
    • Designed for heavy duty applications being slurries, ash disposal, abrasive media and applications with prominent heavy scale build-up
    • Automatic Changeover Ball Check Valve
    • Designed for mineral processing cyclone circuits

When you invest in a Slurry Tuff valve you get:

  • Service: At the highest level
  • Quality: Guarantees of the highest quality engineering
  • Growth: Long term relationships with customers
  • Innovation: continual development of new and more reliable products as well as improve manufacturing methods and approaches

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