Golden Harvest, Inc., Golden Gates™ manufactures a complete line of aluminum and stainless steel gates. These products, based on extensive experience in all types of environments, are the result of intensive research, computer, lab, field-testing, analysis, and customer input. 

Golden Harvest, Inc. has been manufacturing water control gates for water and wastewater markets since 1983. Each Golden Gate is designed with specific features and characteristics, to meet each particular applicationTheir manufacturing facility, located in Burlington Washington, includes advanced fabrication, welding, and machining areas. These resources enable the adaptation of the basic design to fit the precise requirements of the application in terms of size, shape, and strength. 

Golden Harvest, Inc. is continually innovating their products as a result of their experience and customer input. These ideas have led to new perspectives and modern answers to emerging technical challenges.  They pride themselves on maintaining a highly trained and motivated work force, including an engineering staff with many years of combined experience and a varied range of expertise. Their staff work closely with the Project Engineers throughout the entire process to deliver a quality product.  

Golden Harvest, Inc. is proud to be an industry leader in quality, cost, customer service and lead time 


Resources: Golden Harvest Product Highlights Brochure

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