Control valves are used to control flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid by partially opening or closing. The movements are done by Positioners that are connected to controllers.


Air Valves

Air valves perform two important functions in a piping system. They maintain system design efficiency and provide system protection.


Butterfly Control Valves

A butterfly valve is used for regulating or isolating flow by using a rotatable disc. Butterfly valves are usually low in cost and weight.


Cone Sleeve Pinch Control Valves

Designed for control applications and low-maintenance. Corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant and pressure containment.


Slurry Control Valves

A slurry control valve is specifically designed to throttle liquids containing suspended solids. Due to the extreme abrasion encounted in slurry control services, materials such as hardened metal alloys or wear resistant rubbers are commonly utilized for these applications.


V-Port Ball Control Valves

A V-port ball valve delivers precise throttling control of fluids. The V-port can be characterized to meet customer specific flow control requirements.


V-Port Knife Gate Control Valves

A knife gate valve is used to limit and control flow. It’s done by either cutting off or allowing flow through the valve. A V-Port design is offered for throttling applications.


V-Port Plug Control Valves

The design and features of the V-port plug valve makes it an excellent choice for fine throttling in slurry and chemical applications.

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