A ball valve is a valve with a sphere in the center which has a hole through the middle.  When the valve is open, there is flow through the holes.



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Flow-Tek’s characterized balls provide predictable and accurate control of downstream flow rates. These precision cut balls match the control performance of globe valves while offering the economy, features and reduced size and weight of ball valves. A wide range of V-Port and Slotted Port characterized balls are standard. The Flow-Tek Automator Pneumatic Control Actuator is equipped with advanced pneumatic or electro-pneumatic positioners for precise valve positioning. Flow-Tek Automator electric actuators can be equipped with digital servo boards that respond to an analog command signal or servo boards that are microprocessor controlled that communicate on serial bus networks. In combination with Flow-Tek’s V-control balls, the Automator pneumatic and electric actuators offer superior flow control.

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