Wey Valve

Summit Availability: BC, AB, SK, MB


WEY Valve offers several styles of High Performance Knife Gate valves to meet your needs.  We will help you select the correct valve style and configuration for your application based on your process conditions and system needs.  Standard materials of construction range from Cast Iron to Titanium.  We offer designs for 150 psi CWP (cold working pressure), 300 psi CWP, and up to 1440 psi CWP.  All popular actuators and accessories are available.

V-Port Design is offered for controlling media where a more linear flow characteristic is desired.

WEY Valve V-port configurations are used for throttling slurry applications. Please consult Summit Valve with your process conditions for recommendations on the control valve geometry most suitable for your application.

For more information on Wey Valve products visit www.weyvalve.com

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