FluoroSeal Inc.

Summit Availability: BC, AB, SK, MB


FluoroSeal® Lined Plug Valves use high precision investment casting method for all major pressure holding components. The standard base model offers:

  • Carbon Steel body, plug and cover (ASTM A216 Gr. WCB)
  • Low porosity PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) as standard liner
  • All cast parts have an acrylic based coating prior to lining for added protection from corrosion attack due to permeation

The design and features of the FluoroSeal® Plug Valve makes it an excellent choice for fine throttling in slurry and chemical applications. The no cavity design allows the plug valve to throttle without exposing the stem seal to line pressure, a definite advantage over most ball valves specifically in high cycling applications.

V-Port and Characterized Plugs

FluoroSeal® Plug Valves are also available with Characterized Plugs for fine control applications. Standard V-Ports in 60° and other custom configurations are available in all trim materials.

For more information on Fluoroseal products, visit www.fluorosealvalves.com

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