Applications and Configurations For Hydraulic Power Units White Paper


For over 29 years, Summit has provided industry leading expertise in isolation and control valve applications, valve automation, control systems, and instrumentation solutions. Our strong relationships with innovative manufacturers, combined with excellent team members, enable us to deliver the right products.

Throughout this time, Summit has offered hydraulic actuation packages for operating valves where pneumatic or electric actuation is not necessarily feasible due to the large forces required or remote location of the valves. We have consolidated this expertise and experience to offer the PEAK HPU brand. In partnership with PEAK HPU, Summit offers hydraulic power units with standard configurations along with custom units engineered to customer specifications and applications.

Each PEAK HPU is provided as a fully integrated hydraulic package that can operate as a stand alone unit, or mounted on a valve for easy access. Our team has worked very hard to prepare an overview of how hydraulic power units work specific to hydraulically actuated on/off and control valves.

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