A slurry control valve is specifically designed to throttle liquids containing suspended solids. Due to the extreme abrasion encounter in slurry control services, materials such as hardened metal alloys or wear resistant rubbers are commonly utilized for these applications.

A slurry can be loosely defined as any material that is primarily a liquid, and contains more than 10% solids. A slurry can be anything from pure water that contains a small amount of sand, to something like lime mud that is very thick and viscous. Regardless of the makeup, slurries present unique challenges when they must be controlled in a piping system. We represent the toughest control valves in the world and have a solution for you.


SlurryFlo Valve Corp

Summit Availability:  AB, BC, MB, SK


SlurryFlo control valves provide exceptional performance and reliability. The patented gate profile and unique orifice trims are custom designed for controlling any application – from water to extremely abrasive slurries. By directing flow through the center of the valve, SlurryFlo protects the valve’s body and downstream piping from erosion and cavitation.

The SlurryFlo Advantage:

  • Centered flow that reduces wear
  • Each valve is custom engineered
  • Revolutionary gate design
  • Unique seat plates
  • Hard coatings
  • Replaceable wear parts
  • Low thrust packing
  • Specialized actuation
  • Patented design

Bray Controls

Summit Availability:  AB, SK


Bray Controls proudly offers the Series 39 high performance slurry control valve. The Series 39 has been designed to withstand the most highly erosive and abrasive services in alumina refining. It has also been successfully applied to other applications where control of erosive product is required.

The Bray Series 39 control valve is made to the highest standard from technically advanced wear resistant materials such as sintered silicon carbide ceramic, partially stabilized zirconia ceramic and special chrome-molybdenum iron. Therefore, Series 39 is the ultimate product for use on severely erosive slurry and abrasive applications. Components from the patented Series 40 high performance valve are featured in the Series 39. Proven Series 40 parts, such as seals, packing and bearings, and the blow out proof stem design are utilized. Industry standard ISO actuator mounting top works allows for simple, standard on-site actuator fitment.

The Series 39 high performance slurry control valve delivers the highest quality and best value available to the meet the requirements of today’s fluid process industry.


Red Valve

Summit Availability:  AB, BC, MB, SK


Pinch Valves from Red Valve were designed specifically to handle even the most difficult slurries. All pinch valves since the original Type A introduced in 1953 feature an elastomer sleeve that is the pressure-containing component of the valve. The resilient walls of the pinch sleeve allow it to resist abrasion, and seal tight around entrapped solids. The flexing action of the sleeve break-up dewater material, and prevent buildup. The full-port opening offers no obstructions and no changes in the direction of flow.


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