Flow products

All of these products are designed to give you maximum accuracy, stability, safety and reliability, with the objective of reducing your cost of ownership.

  • Water Meters
  • Thermal Mass Flow
  • Positive Displacement Meters
  • Magnetic Flow
  • Magmeters
  • Ultrasonic Flow
  • Turbine Meters
  • Flow Switches

Level products

Level products are designed to cut costs and increase safety by giving precise and reliable level data under most process conditions.

  • Guided Wave Radar
  • Level Switches
  • Ultrasonic Non-contacting Level
  • Displacer Level
  • Float Level
  • Level indicators
  • Nuclear Level

Weights and density

  • Nuclear density measurement

Endress + Hauser

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Manufacturer and supplier of sensors, devices, systems, solutions and services for level, flow, pressure, temperature measurement and liquid analysis. In addition, we manufacture and service measurement recording instruments, connection of field devices to control systems via data bus – including required training and support. We also offer automation technology and logistic solutions.


Ronan Engineering

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Red Valve 

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Red Valve’s Knife Gate Valves are the perfect compliment to our broad range of slurry handling products.  All Red Valve knife gate valves are designed and engineered to a higher standard, to provide the best performance possible.  Standard features such as precision-machines gates, heavy-duty topworks and cast-iron bodies up to 24″ make the valves rugged and dependable.  Other features such as replaceable wear seats, simplified packing replacement or solid stainless steel linings make the valves affordable and easy to maintain.



Summit Availablity:  AB, BC, MB, SK


Noshok, Inc. was one of the first companies to offer a liquid filled pressure gauge. Noshok, Inc. provides process solutions for pressure/temperature dry and filled gauges, 2-3-5 valve manifolds, mechanical and electronic switches, mechanical force measurement solutions, bimetal thermometers, needle valves and much more.